Angelote Art in Television Canaria.

Angelote Art in Diario de Avisos.

Strange as it may seem, despite seeing the ocean every day, most people don't realize how vast and full of life the world that begins where the shore end is.
This world began to open up to us as we let ourselves be carried away by freediving, recognizing with each passing day the astonishing beauty of the Canary Islands hidden underwater.
Over the years we had the blessing of visiting many marine reserves around the world and each time returning to the Canary Islands we realized how diverse and unique the underwater world of the islands is.
Our dream is to share the beauty that we see underwater here with as many people as possible and do so in a way that will make everyone get to know, fall in love and realize the need to protect the ocean's ecosystems.
In our Save The Ocean Collection we use ghost nets and ropes collected from the ocean.
We give away Angelote Art artpieces amongst all those who participate in the beach cleanups in Tenerife.

We are thankful to all the islanders who are fighting for a clean and life-filled ocean, and specially to: BONADEA II, ATLANTIC ECO DIVING, CANARY ISLANDS GREEN, ECOIMPLICADOS NUESTRAS PLAYAS LIMPIAS,ROTARY CLUB TENERIFE SUR, OC-Tech MARCANARIO.

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